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Oct 2016 27 Oct 27, 2016

The Evangelical (Lutheran) Reformation which we celebrate this week changed Christianity permanently. As a way of confessing the significant doctrinal changes which occurred during the Reformation, the “Five Solas“ of the Reformation, which are no more than Latin theological slogans, were developed....Read More

Jun 2016 25 Jun 25, 2016

Emperor Charles the V, in order to develop a united front against the Turks, decreed that an Imperial Diet would convene at Augsburg for the purpose of dealing (among other things) with the "Evangelical Problem." The Emperor announced that the diet would convene on April 8, 1530. Prior to the diet, the outlook for the new...Read More

Feb 2016 22 Feb 22, 2016

The term "Gospel" is extant in the oldest Greek authors. In Homer, the word signifies one who collects a reward by proclaiming happy news. In Aristophanes and Isocrates this word signifies a reward given because of something that was done well, or because of a report of happy events. The Apostle [Paul] himself uses...Read More